Axle placement also effects rider sag

Rear Axle Placement

I hear a lot of talk about riders moving their rear axle forward to shorten the wheelbase of the bike so it will turn better. This is actually completely backwards from what happens in reality as i...
Adjust preload for different conditions, not fork tube height!

Changing Fork Tube Height

I know a lot of people tend to bring their fork tubes up in the triple tree clamps to try to get the bike to turn better. While this makes sense in the fact that it will steepen the rake on the fro...
Does it matter where you measure sag?

Biggest Bike Setup Myths.

Two of the biggest myths about race sag for off-road bikes are that you only measure sag on a new bike and that it doesn’t matter where you measure it. You should check sag regularly and even ...
SFF Air fork setup simplified
dirt bike suspension setup

Showa SFF Air TAC Fork Setup Simplified!

With the introduction of the new Showa TAC SFF Air forks I am finding many people having a very hard time getting them setup correctly. This fork is a great step forward in technology and performan...
Bike Setup is key for safety
motorcycle suspension setup

Motorcycle Safety

While everyone likes to go fast and dominate on the track, nothing is more important than safety when riding your motorcycle. You can’t get faster laying on the couch with a broken leg!  Thousands ...
How to set sag
motorcycle sag adjustment

Why Sag Is So Important

For those of your new to motorcycle ownership, you might be wondering why motorcycle sag adjustment is such an important topic. Sag is the amount the suspension compresses under the weight of a giv...
Dave Moss Trusts Slacker for suspension setup.
digital sag scale

Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale vs. The Competition

Technology is supposed to make things better – new products come out all the time which frequently make our lives easier. Think about it – computers used to be these giant file-cabinet sized things...