Slacker V5 MTB
The Slacker digital suspension tuner works on forks.
Universal mounting.
The Slacker digital suspension tuner works on shocks.
Slacker virtual remote app.
Slacker V5 MTB
Slacker V5 MTB

Slacker V5 MTB

Sale price$174.99

• EASY-TO-USE SUSPENSION TUNING: This easy-to-use patented suspension tuning system provides simple, fast, and precise measurements on motorcycles and mountain bikes.

• INSTANT PRECISE MEASUREMENTS: Easily determine if your suspension is healthy and setup properly. Receive instant readings on our free smartphone app, or wireless remote.

• UNIVERSAL MOUNTING - Quickly and easily mounts to any motorcycle or mountain bike allowing any rider to dial in their suspension settings with no assistance required.

Style:Slacker MTB

The new Slacker V% MTB bundle allows you to use Slacker on e-bikes and mountain bikes using our new Universal Slacker Mount.

Simply strap the mount on the frame or fork and stick Slacker to the steel mounting disc. The seat rail loop simply clips on the seat rail to provide a place to hook the retractable cable. This new system is much faster and more reliable than the old axle inserts and allows you to use the tool on toolless axles.

With our Service Assistant app, you can see all of your measurements and travel percentage displayed in real-time on your Bluetooth® enabled Apple® or Android® smartphone or tablet. You can also save settings directly to your profile so it is easy to remember what you did, and when you did it:)

Includes- 1) Complete Slacker V4 package plus-
1) Universal Mount, 2) Seat Rail Loops, 1) 12" Cinch Strap, 1) 8" Cinch Strap

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
If you are not 100% stoked on your purchase, you can return it for a full refund.

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Slacker V5 MTB
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